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Glycine Factory Food Supplement Glycine CAS 56-40-6

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Brand Name: Newgreen
Product Specification: 99%
Shelf Life: 24months
Storage Method: Cool Dry Place
Appearance: White Powder
Application: Food/Supplement/Pharm
Packing: 25kg/drum; 1kg/foil Bag; 8oz/bag or as your requirement

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Product Description:

Glycine is a non-essential amino acid with important biological functions. Glycine can be taken in through food. Meat, fish, dairy products, soybeans and other foods are rich in glycine. In addition, glycine can also be produced synthetically.


Glycine is one of the important amino acids in the human body and is essential for supporting healthy physiological functions. It participates in a variety of biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, choline production, glycogen metabolism and antioxidant effects, and plays an important role in maintaining good health.


1.Nutritional supplements: Glycine can be used as a nutritional supplement to regulate diet, promote metabolism, and maintain normal body functions.
2.Pharmaceutical field: Glycine can also be used in the pharmaceutical field. As a component of medicine, it is often used to treat some diseases and regulate physiological functions, such as improving sleep quality and treating ulcers.
3.Cosmetics: Glycine is also added to some cosmetics to moisturize and soothe the skin. In short, glycine, as an important amino acid, has important application value in many fields, whether it is nutritional health products or pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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