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Our Headquarters

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Newgreen Herb Co., Ltd. is the main body, which owns Xi’an GOH Nutrition Inc; Shaanxi Longleaf Biotechnology Co., Ltd;Shaanxi Lifecare Biotechnology Co., Ltd and Newgreen Health Industry Co., Ltd. It is the founder and leader of China's plant extract industry, the industry involved in chemicals, medicine, health food, cosmetics, etc. Newgreen is the brand of market leading  Cosmetic Raw Materials, it supplies top quality cosmetic ingredients to all over the world.


GOH is responsible for two main areas of business:

1. Provide OEM service for customers
2. Provide solutions for customers

GOH means Green, Organic and Healthy. GOH pays close attention to the latest developments in health science and nutrition, and constantly develop new nutritional products. According to the needs and health goals of different groups of people, we launch different product series to meet the different needs of consumers. In addition, we have a professional nutritionist team to provide consumers with personalized nutrition consulting services. Whether it's about diet, health care, or advice on a specific health issue, our nutritionists provide scientifically sound advice. Our core values are Green, Organic and Healthy, and we are committed to helping people improve their health and pursue a better life. We will continue to work hard to improve product quality, expand product categories, continuously meet the needs of consumers, and bring health and happiness to more people.

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Longleaf bio is engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of Cosmetic peptide, organic chemistry, and medical Pharmaceutical intermediates. Longleaf use advanced technology to produce our exclusive formula anti-hair loss products. Our products include Polygonum multiflorum hair growth solution and Minoxidil Liquid. We support private label distribution for global customers. In addition, our cosmtic peptides are also popular with cosmetic companies. In 2022, our company's blue copper peptide GHK-Cu export volume Ranked first in the entire Northwest region.

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Lifecare bio mainly devotes in the production and sales of food additives, including sweeteners, thickeners and emulsifiers. Caring for your life is our lifelong pursuit. With this belief, the company has been able to successfully develop the food industry and become a quality supplier to large and medium-sized companies around the world. In the future, we will not forget our original intention and continue to contribute to the cause of human health.