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Newgreen Supply hair grwoth Pure Chebe powder 99% Chebe powder for hair loss

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Brand Name: Newgreen
Appearance: Brown Powder
Product Specification: 99%
Shelf-Life: 24months
Storage Method: Cool Dry Place
Application: Food/Healthcare/Hair care
Sample: Avaliable
Packing: 25kg/drum; 1kg/foil Bag; 8oz/bag or as your requirement

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Product Description

Chebe powder is an ancient African hair care secret recipe, which is refined from natural plant materials and precious chebe powder. As a professional Chebe Powder manufacturer, we are committed to providing you with the best quality products to meet your hair maintenance needs. Production Process:
Our company has advanced production technology to ensure the purity and quality of chebe powder. By selecting natural plants from specific regions in Africa, they are processed in strict accordance with traditional Chebe production methods. We conduct special processing and extraction of raw materials to ensure that the effective active ingredients of chebe powder are preserved. The final product is rigorously tested and packaged to ensure its freshness and safety.







Muscle Building

Muscle Building

Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements


Chebe Powder is rich in natural ingredients to effectively nourish and protect hair. It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and proteins, which have the functions of repairing dry and damaged hair, promoting hair growth, reducing breakage and hair loss. Use Chebe powder to increase hair bounce and shine, improve scalp health, and reduce environmental and heat damage to hair.


Chebe powder is suitable for the maintenance and repair of all hair types. It can be used as an added ingredient in hair masks, creams or lotions. Mix an appropriate amount of chebe powder with matching hair mask products evenly, then apply evenly on wet hair, wrap the hair with a towel, let it stand for a period of time and wash off, it can deeply nourish the hair and enhance the health and strength of the hair.

Related Products

Newgreen Herb Co.,Ltd also supply other herbal powders that have hair growth benefits:
1.Angelica powder: Angelica is widely used in Chinese medicine as a tonic and blood-conditioning herb, and is believed to promote hair growth and repair damaged hair.
2.Ginseng powder: Ginseng has the function of nourishing blood and nourishing hair follicles, and is believed to promote hair growth and improve hair quality.
3.Astragalus powder: Astragalus is believed to have the effect of invigorating qi and nourishing blood. It is often used to soothe the scalp and improve hair loss.
4.Polygonum multiflorum powder: Polygonum multiflorum helps improve blood circulation, nourish hair and promote hair growth.

Newgreen Herb Co.,Ltd also manufacture other ingredients that have hair growth benefits:
1.Minoxidil: Minoxidil is a commonly used drug ingredient in the treatment of hair loss in men and women. It helps hair growth by promoting hair follicle growth and enhancing blood circulation.
2.Hair growth peptides: Hair growth peptides are protein fragments that are said to stimulate hair follicle growth and promote hair growth. It is often used in hair growth products.
3.Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that cleanse the scalp, reduce dandruff and inflammation, help maintain a healthy environment for the scalp, and promote hair growth.
4.Herbal extracts: Herbal extracts, such as witch hazel, rosemary, peppermint, etc., have the functions of soothing the scalp, increasing blood flow, and stimulating hair follicles.
5.Vitamins and minerals: B vitamins, vitamin E, zinc, iron, etc. are all related to hair growth and health. Proper intake of these nutrients can help maintain healthy hair.
6.Pleurotus extract: Pleurotus is rich in an active ingredient called carotene alcohol, which is a natural active substance for hair growth.



company profile

Newgreen is a leading enterprise in the field of food additives, established in 1996, with 23 years of export experience. With its first-class production technology and independent production workshop, the company has helped the economic development of many countries. Today, Newgreen is proud to present its latest innovation - a new range of food additives that utilize high technology to improve food quality.

At Newgreen, innovation is the driving force behind everything we do. Our team of experts is constantly working on the development of new and improved products to improve food quality while maintaining safety and health. We believe that innovation can help us overcome the challenges of today's fast-paced world and improve the quality of life for people around the globe. The new range of additives is guaranteed to meet the highest international standards, giving customers peace of mind.We strive to build a sustainable and profitable business that not only brings prosperity to our employees and shareholders, but also contributes to a better world for all.

Newgreen is proud to present its latest high-tech innovation - a new line of food additives that will improve the quality of food worldwide. The company has long been committed to innovation, integrity, win-win, and serving human health, and is a trustworthy partner in the food industry. Looking to the future, we are excited about the possibilities inherent in technology and believe that our dedicated team of experts will continue to provide our customers with cutting-edge products and services.


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