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Wholesale Cosmetic Grade Niacinamide Materials Vitamin B3 Powder CAS 98-92-0

Short Description:

  • Brand Name: Newgreen
  • Product Specification: 99%
  • Shelf Life: 24months
  • Storage Method: Cool Dry Place
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Application: Food/Supplement/Pharm
  • Packing: 25kg/drum; 1kg/foil Bag; 8oz/bag or as your requirement

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Product Description:

Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin or Niacinamide , is one of the water-soluble B vitamins. Niacin, in its highly bioavailable forms NAD and NADP, occurs naturally in many animal foods such as poultry, beef and fish. Plant foods such as nuts, legumes and grains are found mainly in the form of nicotinic acid. Natural niacin occurs naturally in some cereal products and is mostly bound to polysaccharides and glycopeptides, resulting in only about 30% bioavailability. Niacin, a free form with high bioavailability, is added to breads, cereals and infant formula in the United States and some other countries. Niacin and niacinamide are the two most common forms of niacin found in nutritional supplements.

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The functions and effects of vitamin B3 include:

1.Energy metabolism: Vitamin B3 is an important part of energy conversion, participating in the process of converting protein, fat and carbohydrates into energy. It helps maintain the body's energy supply and supports normal metabolism.

2.Support cardiovascular health: Vitamin B3 can improve blood circulation and blood lipid levels, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

3.Skin health: Vitamin B3 helps to promote the repair and regeneration of skin cells and improve the skin's moisturizing ability. It reduces symptoms such as skin inflammation, itching, and redness.

4.Blood sugar control: Vitamin B3 is related to blood sugar regulation. It may play a role in preventing or managing diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity and helping to better control blood sugar levels.

5.Antioxidant effect: Vitamin B3 has a certain antioxidant effect, which can resist free radical damage and reduce cell damage caused by oxidative stress.

6.Nervous system health: Vitamin B3 is essential for the proper function of the nervous system. It helps maintain the normal function of the nervous system, including the growth and development of nerve cells.

7.DNA repair: Vitamin B3 can promote DNA repair, protect the genome from damage, and help maintain the integrity of genetic material. Vitamin B3 can be obtained through food or as a nutritional supplement.


Vitamin B3 can be used at Cosmetic, supplement, and pharm industry.

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