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Q1 2023 Functional Food Declaration in Japan: What are the emerging ingredients?

2.Two emerging ingredients

Among the products declared in the first quarter, there are two very interesting emerging raw materials, one is Cordyceps sinensis powder that can improve cognitive function, and the other is hydrogen molecule that can improve women’s sleep function

(1) Cordyceps powder (with Natrid, a cyclic peptide), an emerging ingredient to improve cognitive function



Japan’s BioCocoon Research Institute discovered a new ingredient “Natrid” from Cordyceps sinensis, a new type of cyclic peptide (also known as Naturido in some studies), which is an emerging ingredient to improve human cognitive function. Studies have found that Natrid has the effect of stimulating the growth of nerve cells, the proliferation of astrocytes and microglia, in addition, it also has anti-inflammatory effects, which is quite different from the traditional approach of improving cerebral blood flow and improving cognitive function by reducing oxidative stress through antioxidant action. The research results were published in the international academic journal “PLOS ONE” on January 28, 2021.



(2) Molecular hydrogen — an emerging ingredient for improving sleep in women

On March 24, Japan’s Consumer Agency announced a product with “molecular hydrogen” as its functional component, called “High Concentration Hydrogen Jelly”. The product was declared by Shinryo Corporation, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Co., LTD., which is the first time a product containing hydrogen has been announced.

According to the bulletin, molecular hydrogen can improve sleep quality (providing a sense of prolonged sleep) in stressed women. In a placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized, parallel group study of 20 stressed women, one group was given 3 jellies containing 0.3 mg of molecular hydrogen every day for 4 weeks, and the other group was given jellies containing air (placebo food). Significant differences in sleep duration were observed between the groups.

The jelly has been on sale since October 2019 and 1,966,000 bottles have been sold so far. According to a company official, 10g of the jelly contains hydrogen equivalent to 1 liter of “hydrogen water.”

Post time: Jun-04-2023