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Newgreen products successfully obtained Kosher certification, further ensuring the credibility and quality of the products.

Food industry leader Newgreen Herb Co., Ltd announced that its products have successfully obtained Kosher certification, further demonstrating its commitment to product quality and credibility.

Kosher certification means that the product complies with the food standards of Jewish law during production. The certification is widely valued by the global Jewish community as a symbol of product quality, purity and sustainability. Newgreen's obtaining Kosher certification will enable its products to meet the needs of consumers pursuing Kosher food standards and further expand market share. Newgreen is committed to providing high quality, healthy and sustainable food options. The company's product range includes a wide range of food and beverage products across multiple food categories.

By obtaining kosher certification, Newgreen ensures that its products are produced in compliance with the halal requirements of kosher law. Newgreen CEO said: “We are extremely honored to receive the Kosher certificate, which further demonstrates our commitment to product quality and credibility. We are always committed to launching products that comply with various cultural and religious requirements to satisfy consumers. Obtaining Kosher Certification will allow us to better serve the Jewish community and gain the trust of consumers."

Obtaining the Kosher certificate gives Newgreen more opportunities for growth. This certification will allow the company to further expand its market share, enhance its brand image and attract more new customers.

All in all, Newgreen's obtaining Kosher certification further consolidates its leading position in the food industry and proves the company's insistence on product quality and credibility. This certification will enable Newgreen to meet the needs of the Jewish community for food standards and provide strong support for the successful development of its products in the market. Please contact our email to get full documents:

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Post time: Oct-27-2023